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Emilio's Message COVID-19 By The Numbers

Message From Emilio

Emilio Salas was appointed Executive Director of the Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA) in January 2021, after having served as Acting Executive Director since December 2019. As Executive Director, Emilio oversaw approximately 600 full-time employees and an annual budget in excess of $786 million in Fiscal Year 2020-2021.

He has been with the LACDA for over 33 years and remains dedicated to supporting the agency's commitment to service, fiscal efficiency, and ingenuity.


The LACDA understood the overwhelming challenges County renters faced and mobilized to administer a series of programs designed to assist them in securing and maintaining healthy living environments.


The LACDA provided much needed assistance to businesses which, through no fault of their own, had to keep their doors closed much longer than other industries, making their recovery even more difficult.


The LACDA remained committed to maintaining a safe working environment for the employees that reported to the office on a daily basis and began preparations to welcome guests back to its offices.

By The Numbers

As an agency, we fulfill our mission to Build Better Lives & Better Neighborhoods by dedicating time and resources to respond to the needs of Los Angeles County renters, homeowners, businesses, and communities. Here are a few examples of what the agency was able to accomplish in FY 2020-2021, by the numbers.

Deploying Housing Funds

  • $150.1 Million in County Investments Made for Affordable Housing
  • 1,029 Housing Units Built
  • 772 Housing Choice Vouchers Issued
  • 94.1% Section 8 Budget Utilization Rate

Securing Stable Housing

  • 192 Homeless Veterans Housed with Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Vouchers
  • 1,396 Homeless Families Housed
  • 66 Families with 157 Children Housed Through the Family Reunification Program
  • 136 Families Assisted Through Rapid-Rehousing
  • 177 Families with 398 Children Benefitted from the Bringing Families Home Program
  • 91 First-Time Homebuyers Closed Escrow with Assistance from the Home Ownership and Mortgage Credit Certificate Programs

Improving Local Communities

  • 91 Business Renovations Completed Valued at $6.6 million
  • 4 Public Facilities Completed and 32 Under Construction
  • 18 Americans with Disabilities Act Improvements in Progress
  • 330 Community Development Projects and Programs Monitored
  • 12 Home Improvements Complete Through the Residential Sound Insulation Program

Providing Support Services

  • 393 Families Enrolled in the Family Self-Sufficiency Program, with 28 Recent Graduates
  • 124 Youth Enrolled in the Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act Program
  • 27 Public Housing Residents and Section 8 Participants Awarded $1,000 Scholarships to Further Their Education
  • 16 Seniors Assisted Through the LACDA’s Partnerships with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health
  • 12,634 Los Angeles County Superior Court Clients Assisted
  • 264,382 Traffic School Listings Provided to Los Angeles County Superior Court Clients

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"We Build Better Lives and Better Neighborhoods"