In Their Own Words

Keep LA County Dining Grant

Cafe Wang Receives Economic Assistance for Restaurant Owners

Child Care Provider Grant

Fountain Day Receives Economic Assistance for Child Care Providers

Homeless Incentive Program

"My life has changed so much since living on the streets. Seek the assistance. There are people who care about those who have served our country. And once you have the assistance, use it!"

- Larry Williams, Veteran and Program Participant

Helping Find Housing Stability

Maisha Jefferson’s Story of Homelessness to Housing

Section 8 Tenant Secures Housing

Housing Vouchers and Homeless Assistance Helps Latoya Jones Find a Home

Rent Relief Program

"This Program made a big difference for me at a very uncertain time, and for that I am most grateful to you and your agency."

- Program Participant

Home Ownership Program

"Without the Home Ownership Program, we would still be in our apartment paying our landlord for a place to live. Now each monthly housing payment we make is an investment in our future, and we're looking forward to building new memories here."

- Lorena Robles, First-Time Homebuyer