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Office Safety
The LACDA reconfigured offices and lobby spaces for staff to enable them to continue to work safely onsite and prepare for when the agency is able to open its doors again to the public. Reconfigurations included new plexiglass windows at public housing offices, touchless water faucets, improved air systems, and sanitizer dispensers. The LACDA also established enhanced cleaning protocols, focusing on thorough cleaning practices in the evening when there were fewer employees in the office.

Virtual Hiring
The LACDA’s Human Resources staff undertook exceptional hiring efforts, preparing and supporting over 100 new hires during the COVID-19 health crisis. They conducted virtual recruitments and screenings to safely bring new employees on board.

Employee Support
To assist current staff, Human Resources continued to provide comprehensive guidance and direction on all things COVID-19 related including implementing an online daily wellness assessment that is required to be completed prior to entering an LACDA facility.

Resuming Operations
The LACDA initiated strategies to resume operations that were suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the strategy, the agency established protocols to resume non-emergency maintenance of public housing units and rehabilitation of single-family homes.

Employee Testimonial

"We were able to prove that we can come together as a team with all the obstacles and get the job done for our tenants and the public. We answered the call and managed to stay safe and complete the task of providing service to our tenants despite the pandemic."